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Typical day

The people of this area wake up as early as 4-5 am in the morning and go to bed at anytime they want. Volunteers are not restricted on when to go to bed or when to get up. If you choose to help at one of local schools: lessons start at 8 am and are usually until 2 pm. After school, you can choose to help out with reading lessons, games or simply enjoy your free time.
School assembly at the begging of the day, before the classes start.
Volunteers might help in our other projects such as the construction of our new volunteer home or in fundraising activities.
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As with flexible and informal volunteering anywhere in the world, schedules can change at the last minute due to local projects and schools closing or organizing their own activities without notice. When something like that happens, the coordinating team will always try to offer a last minute project replacement. However, this might not always be possible, so a day off here and there may be required, which is perfect for relaxation or for exploring the surroundings.
Free time and weekends
On your free time you can just relax or chat with other volunteers and community members. At FCF, we are glad to tell you stories about the local culture and traditions. There are also local bars and drinking spots where you can have drinks during your free time. You might want to go to nearest town Hohoe, especially on market days (to do some shopping on local colorful market).

Afternoon nap. Our neighbor chilling under mango tree 🙂


On weekends we usually organize trips for our volunteers. There are many interesting places in area: waterfalls, highest mountain in Ghana, monkey sanctuary, regional museum etc. FCF team members will gladly take you for a day trips to visit them (for additional cost).
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