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Volunteering Costs

Volunteering  abroad  comes with some costs. You will need to cover your travel costs, accommodation, food, etc. Yet volunteering with FCF might be much cheaper than with big international  organizations. FCF is a small and flexible foundation and we do not have big administrative costs yet. FCF team members are working for free to organize volunteering projects.


 No Registration Fee

We do not charge a registration fee as such. However, as our organisation does not receive any external funding but the contributions of volunteers, we are relying on them to be able to keep operating. Therefore, we have to ask you to make a part payment of your costs of staying with us in advance.


Accommodation and Food

For your stay with us, which includes full-board accommodation and food, we charge a weekly fee of only 40 EUR. We use that money to pay the bills for the house where volunteers are living and buy food and drinking water for volunteers.

Read more about provided by FCC Accommodation and Food  >>

An amount of 40 Euros has to be paid once you have successfully applied and received our welcome letter. This payment covers the costs for accommodation and food with us for your first week. This also covers the organisation of your placement in the volunteer program. Payments for the remaining weeks you can send us in advance or pay once a week during your stay.

Try to look at it this way: for a price of one evening out in Europe you can live for a week in Golokwati. You will be in an exotic destination, surrounded by lush greens and palm trees, living comfortably, eating African food and tropical fruits. And you get a chance to do something good as a volunteer! Doesn’t it make volunteering with FCF really tempting? Sign up now >>

... for a price of one evening out in Europe you can live for a week in Golokwati ...


Airport pick- up service

We also offer to pick you up from the Airport at your arrival at an additional cost of 40 EUR. If you are an experienced traveler in Ghana, you can get to us by yourself, but we strongly recommend the pick-up service if you come for the first time, as traffic and finding the right bus stops, etc. can be quite a hassle. Airport pick-up fee of 50 EUR covers the cost of airport taxi, local transport in Accra and tro-tro (mini bus) tickets from Accra to Golokwati (about 200 kms distance) for you and for the person who is going to pick you up.

The pick-up fee has also to be paid in advance.


Payment methods

We expect you to pay the pick-up fee and the weekly fee for minimum 1 week in advance. The payment can be done through a wire transfer to FCF bank account.

To make Bank Account Transfer to FCF go to your bank website or to your bank offline branch and make a payment to:

Account Number: 0711432761028
Swift Code: FAMCGHAC
Bank Address: P.O.Box CT 1620, Atlantic Place, No 1 Seventh Avenue, Ridge West, Accra, Ghana

You can also:
– send Mobile Money to FCF via WorldRemit
– send money to FCF using MoneyGram or WesternUnion

For instructions Contact us >>

Once we receive your payment confirmation email,  your placement is secured and FCF will help you with any other needed support in your preparation.


Spending money

In Ghana, most volunteers find around 25 Euros a week sufficient for spending money. You should leave around 5 Euros a week to buy drinking water when you are out and about. , The same amount again for a week’s worth of lunches if you want to buy from vendors or on Tro-tro rides. You may wish to bring money for gifts and shopping in markets. There are banks with ATMs that accept most credit/debit cards in nearest town Hohoe, which is not too far. FCF can take you to Hohoe anytime.


Donations / Fundraising

As explained above, or organisation is still growing and entirely depending on the contributions of volunteers. Any donation you might be able to make before during or after your stay with us will  be highly appreciated. Many volunteers raise funds before they leave for Ghana, either to fund their trip or to donate to our project. They feel it’s particularly worthwhile.

Donate to FCF >>

Support one of our Projects>>


Travel Costs

Look for cheapest flights to Accra on websites like Momondo and Kayak. Flight tickets prices from Europe or US to Ghana start at 400 EUR. Pay attention to the fact that sometimes the cheapest tickets do not include price of luggage.

FCF also requires all volunteers to have Travel Insurance.


Trips and tourist attractions

Ghana is a beautiful country with many interesting places to visit. You will have the opportunity to visit our tourist sites such as waterfalls, national park, caves, mountains, talking river, monkey sanctuary, castles etc. See more about Ghana >>

FCF can organize weekend trips for volunteers for an additional cost.

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