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Building House for Volunteers

Project is almost finished. We already moved in to new house. Pictures coming soon. We just don’t have running water in new place. We need about 1100 GHC (≈200 EUR) to make water connection so our volunteers will be finally able to enjoy a proper shower…

At the moment FCF is renting small apartment to accommodate volunteers. We have to pay rent to landlord, cover bills for electricity, water, maintenance, etc. (even if we do not have any volunteers and donations). In Ghana rent is usually paid upfront for 1-2 years. We always struggle to gather such a big amount of money.
To lower the costs we decided to have our own house for volunteers. Richard donated parcel on his family land. We started the construction of new house for volunteers. By now most of the work is done (see pictures below). We still need to do all the ceiling work, toiletries, tilers work, window frames and glasses, doors, electricity and painting to complete it.
New building will give us:
  • possibility to host more volunteers
  • place for small FCF office (required for registered NGOs)
  • area to organize some evening activities for kids (reading club etc)
  • more comfortable living conditions for volunteers
It is located on the outskirts of village where you can enjoy serene environment.
Donate any amount to help us finish new house for volunteers. And you are welcome to visit us at any time!

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  • Tara Haynes

    Reply 18 April 2017 14:48

    Heart for children!

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