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Faith Charity Foundation is looking for volunteers who are truly interested in working with us on improving the situation of underprivileged kids. Volunteering with FCF is also a great opportunity to experience Ghanaian way of living. We’ve set basic rules to ensure success of our projects, positive impact on the local community and comfort of our volunteers.
  • Working hours
Registering as a volunteer with FCF you agree to work on our projects minimum 15 hours per week. We have different types of work and we do our best to match them to our volunteers skills and experience. We have various types of jobs for volunteers and you can choose whatever suits your skills and experience the best. Read more about Volunteer Jobs >>.
Only 15 hours of required work leaves you plenty of free time and possibility to explore the beauty of Ghana. FCF will gladly take you to the local attractions such as Hohoe market, Wli Waterfalls or Mountain Afadjato.


  • Minimum stay
Our required minimum stay is 1 week. However to truly experience volunteering at FCF and get to know the local community we recommend you to stay 3-5 weeks or longer. We also recommend longer stays in Ghana due to relatively high cost of flight tickets to Ghana. 
  • 18 +
You must be min. 18 years old to participate in our volunteer program. Younger persons must be accompanied by adult. We welcome females, males, couples, families and groups of friends.
  • Good health
You need to be healthy enough to travel to Ghana and to stay in tropical climate. You must have valid yellow fever vaccination (proof required when entering Ghana).
Before travelling to Ghana you should see your doctor to consult getting vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs. FCF recommends using malaria prevention tablets and anti-mosquito sprays when outside after dark during your stay in Ghana.
If you have any health condition, please let us know in advance for your own safety.
Read more about Health and Safety >>
  • Travel health insurance
 FCF recommends that all volunteers have insurance before travelling. It will give you a peace of mind knowing that you‘ll be covered if anything bad will happen.
  • Passport and Visa
You need to have valid passport and get Ghanaian visa on your own before travel. FCF will assist you obtaining Visa by providing invitation letter etc.
  • Covering Travel Costs
You need to cover your travel expenses including flight tickets and getting from Accra to Golokwati (about 200 kms). FCF can organize  airport pickup for a small fee of 50€ for you.
  • Fees
You agree to pay FCF small weekly fee of only 40€ to cover the cost of your accommodation and food and drinks. FCF doesn’t have any sponsors yet and is not able to provide accommodation and food for our volunteers without their contribution.. Read more about Costs of  Volunteering>>
  • Respect
You will respect local customs and way of living. Don’t act as you know it all. Listen to the locals and cooperate with them.
  • Positive attitude
You are travelling the world and doing meaningful things. Maintain positive attitude and enjoy your stay. Don’t worry about minor inconveniences. Can’t get your favorite beer brand? Try the local one!
If you have any questions, please  Contact us >>

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