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Help for Underprivileged Kids

Some of the kids attending public schools are from families not financially stable. Often they don’t even have basic school materials like exercise books, pens, pencils, etc. what is a serious disadvantage for them. It is difficult to follow school program, when you don’t even have a pen to write at class…
We believe no kid should be deprived from getting basic education because of financial reasonsFCF and our volunteers are cooperating with teachers and school authorities to identify and help those kids.
Using money from our volunteers donations we are buying school materials:
  • exercise books
  • pens, pencils,
  • crayons
  • rulers, geometric tools
  • etc.
They are kept at school office. Anytime teachers see that there are some students at class who do not have them – they let them use tools provided by FCF and volunteers.
During Christmas season we also prepare gift packages for kids from underprivileged families. Those packages include school materials, books and educational toys like puzzles and games.
Many of our volunteers are bringing with them reading books for kids, coloring books, toys etc. as presents for kids. Basic school materials as mentioned above you can buy cheaply here so there is no point in dragging them across half the world. Please donate or bring money so we can buy it here and provide for kids in need.

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