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Volta region

Volta is Ghana’s most eastward located region, one of ten regions in the country. Bordering the country of Togo from the West and Lake Volta from the East, it is 20 570 km2 (7 940 sq mi) large with the population of 2 100 000. Its capital is the town of Ho with the population of 96 000.

Ho, Volta Region, Ghana


The region is multi-ethnic. The biggest of its ethnic groups is Ewe people (68.5% of the population), followed by Guan people (9.2%), Akan people (8.5%) and Guma people (6.5%). Main economic activities in the region are are farming, fishing, animal rearing, petty commerce and tourism.
The Volta Lake and the Volta River are a dominant factors in the region’s live. They provide the region with electric power, water, food, recreation and a transport system. The lake, created between 1961 and 1965, is the biggest man-made water reservoir in the world.
Volta is perhaps the most picturesque part of Ghana. It’s because of its geographical diversity with hills (including the highest point in Ghana, Mt. Afadjato – 885m), valleys, tropical forests, rivers, waterfalls, lake lagoons and more.
It’s also an attractive place for its rich and diverse tribal life as well as its historical background, with both German and British colonial artifacts. To learn more about Volta Region consider visiting Volta Regional Museum in Ho.
Volta region

Volta Region map, Volta Regional Museum, Ho


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