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Ricardo’s stay at FCF

I’ve stayed in Golokwati for a week. I did a fundraising campaign which was quite successful and with that, we were able to progress the building of the new volunteer accommodation. My previous experience working with children was also important for my decision to join this project.

I have really enjoyed my stay: people were very friendly and being able to live as a local was an overwhelming experience.

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Hi, my name is Ricardo. I’m from Portugal but currently I’m living in the UK.

I have a degree in Psychology and an MBA and I’m a marketing Professional with a vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

I’m also an aspiring musician and writer and I’m strongly passionate about travelling.

I found about FCF on helpstay website. I was looking to spend some time doing volunteering work and staying with Happy and Richard was definitely a good choice.

If you need any additional information before travelling to Ghana, please feel free to contact me.

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