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Wli Waterfals

Visiting Ghana and especially the Volta Region should include the Wli Waterfalls. If you are into nature it is an absolute must.

The tour which costs 10 Cedi, and can also include a guide, starts with a 45 minutes hike.

As you enter the jungle you notice the cooler temperature followed by the amazing flora and fauna the country has to offer. Trees and plants are creating a adventures atmosphere. So do the many different insects such as a bunch of colored butterflies and caterpillars which are passing your way as you wander deeper into the woods.

Instagram story from one of volunteers:

During the trek which one can not describe as a physical or mental effort you still get very exited about the upcoming ending. Mostly because of the thought of the waterfalls cold refreshment.

Once you arrive, you can either use a small  construction which functions as a type of locker room or decide to go behind the bushes to change into your bathing suit. Even if you choose to only admire the surrounding without going for a swim you will totally regret it. Because of the waterfalls enormous strength you will get wet anyway. So probably just go for it :). Besides refreshing in the waterfalls cold water is the best way of relaxing.


After hiking back your experience must not be over yet. Some lovely stores, each with its own products, such as figures, jewelry, paintings or snacks, give a perfect opportunity to get some lasting memories.

Last but not least you will have the opportunity to visit a nearby restaurant with an incredible mountain view to have a nice meal and get some rest before heading home.

To sum up my impression: Go visit the Wli Waterfalls, you won’t regret it!


Written by: Camille, October 2018

Pictures and video by: Krystyna, 2017


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