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Paula’s stay at FCF

During her stay with FCF Paula worked at local Junior High School as Teaching Assistant. She was working with smallest kids at kindergarten  and at class 5. She also organized activities for kids at summer school run by FCF.

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Hello, my name is Paula and I am an 18 years old volunteer from Germany. I was 2 months (from August to October) in Ghana and volunteered for “Faith Charity Foundation”.
Looking back my time in Ghana was great. The first three weeks I was the only volunteer and the Summer school (like a holiday camp) started. We did things like drawing some mandala or playing soccer. We taught the children why it is important to brush the teeth or clean the body. It was fun to play and draw with the children and to see their joy in life. We had much fun together.
After four weeks we were four volunteers and the school finally started. Each volunteer got one class to assist. I was in kindergarten where the smallest were. They are very sweet and affectionate. They only had lessons until 12 and after this they played outside, so I didn’t have much to do. Some days this was boring because the children also could not speak English yet. After two weeks in kindergarten I joined a 5th class. They were much better in English, so it was easier for me to talk with them. The teacher told me to do some mathematics and arts lessons and I prepared them at home. Someday the teacher was away, and I had to teach the children by myself. I didn’t prepare anything because I didn’t know before, the communication was bad. Spontaneously we played some game to learn the world map or drawing some mandala. It was exhausting because the children didn’t always listen to me. Unfortunately, school were up to 2 pm and after this we had not much to do. Only preparing some lesson but just rarely. In Golokwati aren’t that many activities, it’s just a sweet little village. You may drink a beer or have a walk. Sometimes I watched a soccer game in TV. I’m glad that I wasn’t alone. With the other volunteers it was much easier to not think of home. We often played cards or just watched a movie.
On the weekends we did some excursions with the volunteers and our host Richard. It was always great. We saw monkeys which we could feed with bananas, we went hiking and to a big waterfall. Also, we saw the towns close by (Hohoe and Kpandu). Richard knows much activities and places to go but you always can decide to go anywhere you want alone.
All in all, I liked my time in Ghana. It was nice to get the people know. The food was delicious and meeting the new culture was great. Of course, it wasn’t easy in the beginning, everything was different. You don’t have running water over there and the food is spicier. That are just little things, but you always must get used to it. The next time I would go with a friend to FCF because its less boring and to avoid homesickness.

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