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Krystyna for FCF

Krystyna during her  stays with FCF in Golokwati was helping in local primary school. She was teaching mathematics and helping teachers to teach from other subjects. She organized fundraising among her friends before coming to FCF. Bought furniture for kinder garden class and  teaching materials for kids in need.

She is helping FCF with future development of organization. Made a new website for Faith Charity Foundation and is supporting their promotional activities.

Krystyna is happy to help new volunteers coming to FCF. She answers all their questions and advises how to prepare for travel and for volunteering with FCF. If you have any questions before your travel to Ghana feel free to contact Krystyna.

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Volunteer / Consultant

Krystyna is online marketing professional. In 2017 she decided to take a break from corporate jobs and travel for a while. She registered on Workaway and FCF contacted her trough the portal. And that’s how the cooperation and friendship with FCF started  🙂

Krystyna been to FCF twice so far and spend few months there. She is coming back and bringing some friends.

For Krystyna living in a little local Ghanaian village and helping FCF with their work with kids is a perfect unwind from western busy and hectic life. When in Ghana she is trying living local way: eating Ghanaian food, shopping at markets, listening to West African music etc.  She wants to know more about local culture and to see more places in Ghana. She finds Ghana beautiful and interesting country definitely worth visiting.

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