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Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is a reserve of tropical forest and a national park. It is located in the Central Region of Ghana, about 170 km west of Accra and about 30 kilometers north of Cape Coast and Elmina.

The most popular attraction in the Kakum National Park is canopy walkway. It is 350 meters long and suspended between tree tops, up to 43 meters above ground.  Kakum Canopy Walkway is one of just 3 such a walkways in Africa.

The walkway does sway a little, but to walk it is not so scary because you see below trees’ tops rather than 40 meters drop to the ground below. The canopy walkway is it is stable and there never been an accident. However if you do not feel comfortable walking on  for long you can choose shorter route ( just 3 bridges  instead of 7).

Kakum National Park has the smaller forest elephants, a range of monkeys, antelopes  and some other rare animals.   It is difficult to  see them  from the walkway – you are looking down onto the top of trees and also animals tend to keep away from parts of the park where there are many people. You do see a some of butterflies, birds and  a few lizard like creatures. At ground level you also come across ants or termites.

Be prepared to hike through the forest (wear good shoes). To get to the canopy walk from park entrance you need to walk up the hill. There is also possibility to stay overnight at the park at tree houses.

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