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Cape Coast

Cape Coast is probably the most famous landmark and the most visited tourist attraction of Ghana. It’s a part of the Ghanaian coastal region, located by the Gulf of Guinea,  around 100 km southwest from the Capital Accra. Origins of the region’s capital, the Cape Coast town, trace back to 15th century. Portuguese discoverers established the first settlement there. But it was the Swedes (who built the famous Cape Cost Castle in 1655) and most of all the British (who took it over eight years later) that had the biggest impact on the site and the whole region in the following centuries.
The Cape Cost Castle, together with about 40 other castles stretched along the seashore, served as a prison and embarkation point for thousands of enslaved Africans on their way to the Americas. Barack Obama, when visiting the place in 2009, said that “it reminds us of the capacity of human beings to commit great evil.” Today the castle serves as a – “difficult but powerful”, “enlightening”, “moving”, “educational” – museum. The one not to be missed when you’re in Ghana.

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